Campbell Bay Music Festival, 2015

I swapped the fiddle for the guitar at age 13 and have never forgiven myself.

I started writing songs shortly thereafter, but it never came easy and it never felt clean. I wanted to write normal songs that people would like but instead I could only write about the enormity and sheer unbearableness of things…

I’m on a bit of a mission. Right now it looks like this: I string together words and notes in the hopes of creating a point of convergence, a place of stillness in this wild world, pulling in the threads of everything that makes us human and not human and weaving them into something worth hanging around for.

We’re full steam ahead on the album, which will be released in the fall of 2017. You can preview and pre-order over at the album page.

If it strikes your fancy, drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you.

Kesia N


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Recent shows include:

The Groove – Mayne Island, BC
Campbell Bay Music Festival – Mayne Island, BC
Skinny Fat Jack’s – Vancouver, BC
Cafe Deux Soleils – Vancouver, BC
Sexey’s Arms – Somerset, England
International Women’s Day – Hazelton, BC
Zelda’s Cafe – New Hazelton, BC

Upcoming shows:

Stay tuned!


John’s Garage, Mark, Somerset, England, 2012