My name is Kesia

and I have been making music and stories and pictures since I was a small child with an awkward haircut and a Fisher Price tape recorder, a Hilroy notebook, and a disposable Kodak camera.

Nagata weaves voice and guitar without pretension; with a sincere desire to exalt and expose, and to leave the listener with something more than they started with.

In 2016,

fueled by a lifelong semi-apocalyptic back-to-the-land proto-idealism, my mother Sharon and I moved from our respective homes in urban Vancouver to a small cabin made of telegraph poles on several hundred acres in Northwestern BC. Here, with help from our family and friends and a beloved Englishman, we have scratched out a bustling homestead to experiment in mixed and regenerative agriculture principles, to learn how to care for ourselves in as direct a manner as possible, and to stretch and grow into the fiendishly large selves we are truly meant to be. We have the ongoing pleasure of cohabitating this land with an ever-changing cast of animal characters, who teach us and cheer us and feed us and delight us to no end.

The music & the land

have become inseperable for me. They inform each other and they grow together, as the fillaments of connection under our feet grow stronger and brighter and thoroughly entwined. I hope you can find them in each other; I hope you can hear the land and rivers, fire and horses in my songs. And if you ever walk this land too, I hope your heart will be full of song.


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