Looking For Horses / the Album

Looking For Horses is the highlights,
as it were, from a meandering decade of heartaches and delights…

“One part salt water, one part woodsmoke, and one part wide open fields”

Nagata’s debut album, Looking For Horses, spans an intimate decade of solo songwriting. Comprised of stripped down acoustic arrangements and raw, honest lyricism, Looking For Horses teases apart what it means to be human and examines the connection between soul and earth.

Nagata weaves voice and guitar without pretension; with a sincere desire to exalt and expose, and to leave the listener with something more than they started with.

“Sophisticated songs in simple arrangements…raw and sincere.”
– Johnny’s Garden

“A stunning debut from a exciting new Canadian artist who has a voice filled with emotion.”
– Michael Park, The International Americana Music Show

“The debut of this Canadian singer-songwriter is about quality and intimacy…one of the surprises of 2018 so far.”
– Erwin Zijleman, De krenten uit de pop

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8 page digipack CD

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