Category: Life On the Edge of the World

The Intimacy of Abundance

There are tiny prickles in the palms of my hands, millimetre-long slivers from a week of working with recycled wood. My hands aren’t hardened but they are willing, and the tool shed takes shape quickly under the direction of my

The Wind and the Seeds that Heralded Spring

We have had the coldest February on record. I don’t mean to brag, or complain, because we are not alone – most of the province is breaking its own February records – and also because I have so little to

Firefly and the February Freeze

One very cold morning, I watched the raven fly through the wood smoke,across the open field,and south-east toward the winter sunrise,where Firefly stood in fresh-ploughed tracks,alone and still.She did not begrudge the company, nor the admiration,but was extremely busy doing

Rewilding is Not the Right Word

This article originally appeared October 22, 2018 for Listen To Your as part of a series about life on the farmstead, called “Rewilding the Herd”. “Rewilding, though a handsome term and a romantic one at first glance, has come

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