“Leylines” Video

A Sunday afternoon in the birch grove, a simple love song. True love requires trust and resilience, adaptability and a willing heart. Our more-than-human kin teach us this again and again. Most of all, they request that we find solidity in our own selves, so that we can more cleanly and easily connect with each other, without any strings attached. And so we bask in each other’s them-ness. Falcon, the horse in this video, is the gentlest person I know; Louka, the big orange dog, might be the roughest. Somehow we find ways to be all of what we are, without reducing each other. These moments are fleeting but so rewarding.

I spent the day with these dear beings, playing around with the camera to try to capture some of the peace they bring me. They are also reminding me how to step out of linear time and allow for a more spacious experience. When I put this song, written for my husband, over top the footage, it just seemed to fit. All love informs all other love. Thanks to Falcon and Louka for their love and loveliness.

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