Bring Me All the Way Down

The sun beating down on arid Cariboo rangelands, the Bigness of All Things making itself known. Road dust in wildfire season, falling in love with love of all sorts and leaning into the land. Learning that it will take all of you whether you want it to or not. Hoofbeats over hillsides and electric storms in summer. Bring me down to the water, bring all of me down, bring me all the way down.

Bring Me All The Way Down

Something big is burning; yeah a wildfire is certainly alight
And we get all the smoke here, deadly quiet and those dull gray skies
In my grandfather’s jeans and a button down I’m
Coming down the mossy bank
Let that cool clear water bring me all the way down

I’m working for a lady, she’s tall and she doesn’t wear shoes.
When she gets that nineteen eighties feeling, she knows just what to do:
Beneath an evergreen of particular height she
Lays her belly bare
She lets that warm earth waiting bring her all the way down

No thousand words; no picture, no melody heard
How could anybody know? The push of your lips,
Our hair in our eyes, the flight of the cow bird

I’ll find you when I’m done for the day, I’ll come out to the range
With a curious heart and my pockets dripping grain
Where the river runs over the brigadier road we
Could ride until we lose our way
And let that cold hard freedom bring us all the way down

Like birds might, like lovers might –
I find God in you every day; we pray with our bones and our feet
In smoky silence, as the sun burns white

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